10 Vegan Pi(e)s You Have to Try Today!

It’s Pi Day which means I ought to share some of my favorites right? I ordered these in chronological order, so the first one on this list I was just starting my blog up. Wow… Time flies!

Here are a list of pies (that are all VEGAN!) I love and you should totally make!

By yours truly:

1. Apple Tarte Tatin
2. Red Bean Mini Pies
3. Chocolate Tortilla Chip Pie
4. Kabocha & Chestnut Pie w/ Graham Cracker Oat Crust
5. Purple Sweet Potato and Chestnut Pie
6. Acorn Squash Oreo Pie w/ a twist!

Other people’s pies (that just as awesome, if not more!):

7. Betty Liu’s Maple-Oat Crusted Blueberry Pie
by Betty Liu
8. Nirvana Cakery’s Chocolate Raspberry Bavarois
by Hana
9. Bear Plate’s Ridiculously Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pie
by Bear Plate
10. PaleoHack’s Utterly Deadly Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie
by the PaleoHacks team

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